Schmurda cops a plead... Did he do the #schmurdadance on 'em

Bobby Shmurda Cops a Plea, Will Get 7 Years in Prison.

After spending a two years in jail, it seems like #BobbyShmurda and his legal counsel have made a decision.

According to #TMZ, the #ShmoneyDance creator has pled guilty in his murder conspiracy case and copped a plea deal in court. The rapper will get seven years in prison and five years probation.

Back in 2014, Bobby, whose real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and several weapons charges. However, Pollard wasn’t the only one that went down, at least 15 members of his GS9 crew were also booked and charged with several crimes, including murder and attempted murder.

Pollard and his crew were facing life in prison. A few months ago, two GS9 members were sentenced to over 50 years in prison. Apparently, according to TMZ, Pollard’s lawyer strongly advised the rapper to take the deal because they’d never get a sympathetic jury.

It’s unclear if the MC will receive time served for the time he spent on Riker's Island.