Beware of the Galaxy Note 7.. EXPLOSIVE!!!

Galaxy Note 7 Sets Jeep On Fire
A St. Petersburg man is saying that his #SamsungGalaxy #Note7 smartphone is the reason his #JeepGrandCherokee was set ablaze.
Just last week a recall was called on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. A wave of Note 7s were pulled from shelves in 10 countries, including the United States, just two weeks after the product was launched. The reason why? Apparently Samsung had confirmed at least 35 instances of the Note 7’s battery exploding or catching on fire.
On Labor Day, Nathan Dornacher left his phone charging on the center console of his Jeep while he helped unload a desk he had just bought for his 8-year old daughter. After unloading the desk and returning to the vehicle to run more errands, they noticed that the Jeep had caught fire. Apparently the phone had exploded and engulfed the #Jeep in flames.
Customers who had already bought the Note 7s can swap them out for new #smartphones in two weeks, but that’s too late for Nathan and his car.